How To Get Glowing Skin: Top 10 Health & Glow Tips

How To Get Glowing Skin: Top 10 Health & Glow Tips

Natural glow and radiance is a major indicator of healthy skin. But factors like inadequate sleep, nutrition deficiency diet, stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules, pollution, harmful sun rays (UVA/UVB), excessive smoking, and drinking alcohol can make your skin dull and dry and affect the skin health and its glow. All of these are part of your life, and you cannot easily run away from them. However, you can surely counteract them and slow down the loss of glow  and radiance from your skin.

Here are some brilliant health and glow tips that you’ve always wanted. Read on to know more.

1. Cleanse Regularly

Do make sure you always follow a proper cleansing routine to get rid of the dirt that gets settled on your skin during the day. Wash your face morning and night by a cleanser/face wash suitable for your skin type instead of soap. The soap contains harsh chemicals like sodium carbonate, which makes your skin dry by removing off the moisture.

2. Wear Sunscreen Daily

Exposure to sunlight can cause age spots, wrinkles and other skin problems. Therefore always use a good sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15 that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Use sunscreen not only in summer but also in cloudy and cold winter season to regain skin glow and improve its health.

3. Eat Healthy Diet

Always keep a note of what you eat in your diet. Consume fruits like papaya, oranges, banana, guava, mangoes, and kiwi. Vegetables like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach and other green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and are considered as the best diet for glowing skin.

A diet rich in vitamin C and low in sugar and fats helps to increase radiance, glow and health of skin. Consume a low-sugar diet, which decreases insulin levels, allowing cells to maintain a healthy balance.

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4. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin right after the cleansing step. Exfoliating promotes skin brightening and boosts its glow for long term. Use a mild scrubbing product on your face, depending upon your skin type.

If you have pimple-prone skin, use a mild exfoliant because scrubbing on a rash or a sensitive area can cause more breakouts. Exfoliate at least twice a week. Do not forget to follow it up with moisturizing and toning.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink plenty of water daily, at least 10-12 glasses if not more. Drinking lots of water daily helps to flush the toxins out of your system. It is very important for the skin to receive enough water to be hydrated, soft, and supple. Without enough water, the skin becomes dry, dull, and might even start to tear.

6. Regularly Moisturize Your Skin

The skin on your face, neck, and ears are very sensitive to UVA and UVB rays and other environmental hazards. These parts of the skin shed cells more often and rapidly than other areas of the body. Therefore, it needs to get moisture to rejuvenate and repair itself. Hence, this allows the new cells to rise to the surface of the skin.

Always use a moisturizer that contains good humectants. Humectants such as glycerin, propylene glycol, and aloe vera attract water when applied to your skin and improve its hydration.

7. Makeup Removal

Do not forget remove your makeup before hitting the sheets. Sleeping with makeup on will clog your pores which may cause blemishes and/or blackheads. Use an alcohol-free cleanser for makeup removal or just put some olive oil on a cotton pad and gently massage the oil onto your face to get rid of the dirt and makeup.

8. Get Enough Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin looks tired just like you – it sags and you get bags. Therefore, get sleep of at least 8 hours every night. Getting enough sleep will help our body to repair the damaged cells and replenishes the old ones. Hence, this will give healthy and glowing skin and refresh our mind as well.

9. Exercise Regularly

Yoga keeps your body and mind healthy. Running, jogging and yoga will accelerate the cleansing process of your body and also give your body the necessary blood circulation.

While you exercise, your body receives a lot of oxygen because of heavily breathing. Oxygen fights the formation of free radicals, which causes dull skin and premature aging. It makes your body healthy and fit and you will notice a glow to your face after working out.

10. Healthy Habits

While you can’t control your age, you can control various other factors that speed-up this aging process, including excessive exposure to sunlight, stress, poor dietary habits, and smoking.

Smoking can lead to serious health issues as well as skin problems. It is responsible for premature aging, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Stress causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones, making the skin oilier. Practice stress management techniques like meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. The more you meditate, the more you radiate.

Following a proper diet, skincare routine and overall fitness goes a long way in helping you to achieve glowing skin. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist if you find something odd. Natural remedies take time to show results, so be determined and consistent with your routine.

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