PUBG Mobile India: Everything we know about the game so far

PUBG Mobile India: Everything we know about the game so far

PUBG Mobile India : PUBG Mobile has launched itself as a juggernaut in the mobile gaming industry.

The title of battle royale has been a huge success over the past few years and is now a global name.

Despite its popularity, PUBG Mobile has always been under the control of government officials in many lands. The game has even been banned from one of its major markets – India.

The Department of Technology and Information Technology banned PUBG Mobile for security reasons in early September last year.

Since then, Indian players have been looking forward for the return of the game India.

While there is a great demand, Krafton has announced that the Indian version of PUBG Mobile will soon enter the market. However, the game has not been released, and fans are in the dark about the potential launch date.

Everything confirmed about the game

Here are some of the things that have been confirmed with PUBG Mobile India so far:

1. Default character outfits

Released by the media, Krafton has revealed that all the characters in PUBG Mobile India will be fully dressed by default. Players will be able to change into different outfits, but their character will always be dressed up.

2. Hit Effect is locked green

To remind players of the visual nature of the game, the hit effect will be locked in green on PUBG Mobile India. Unlike the global version, players will not be able to change it to another color.

3. Play time limit feature

PUBG Mobile India will also have a special feature that limits game time for players. The developers created this feature to promote healthy gaming habits among young game fans.

4. Better Security and Privacy

The Indian government has imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile for data and security.

To combat any privacy concerns, Krafton has declared that data security is one of the most important issues for them. They indicate that they are working with Microsoft’s cloud-computing service, Azure, to handle games better.

5. Special Esports League and investment of 100 million

Krafton Inc has also revealed that they will be investing in the Indian Premier’s sports league in India. This will greatly contribute to the growth of the country’s architecture in the country.

In addition to this, they have announced a $ 100 million investment in partnership with their parent company to promote the Indian video industry, the e-sports, IT and entertainment industries.

In early March, KRAFTON invested an INR 164 crore in NODWIN Gaming’s development in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Since the announcement of PUBG Mobile India, many leaks have been making rounds online.

In one of his videos, GodNixon, better known as Luv Sharma, revealed that PUBG Mobile India had received a green signal from the government to release him. While he did not revealed the exact month when the game will be released, one would think that PUBG Mobile India could start in June in India. If the trailer drops in April, we can expect the game to start in May and if the trailer is released in May, the game can be released sometime in June.

Another famous founder and broadcaster, Dynamo, pointed out the humor on the day of the recent release of PUBG Mobile India.

However, all these reports should be taken with a little salt as no official announcement has been made yet.

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