Top 10 Tamil Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2021

Top 10 Tamil Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2021

Best Tamil Movies on Netflix:  Tamil film industry is one of the most popular film industry after bollywood in India. Tamil Movies has always been close and popular with everyone’s heart because of the quality of the movies that are released every year. With a wide variety of genres from action to drama and musicals, there is a great selection to Netflix to choose from. So finding the right ones would be difficult for you. But to avoid that time-taking activity, we decided to help you out and put together a list of the Best Tamil Movies on Netflix which you shouldn’t miss whatsoever. So, here you go!

Best Tamil Movies on Netflix


IDMB : 8.5/10

Visaaranai, released in 2015, is ruthless, raw, inhumane depiction of what happens inside a Police Station and represents corruption and dishonesties in the judiciary system. Director Vetrimaaran deserves appreciation for making such a bold and brave movie and showing the dark side of the Police department and the judiciary system.

The movie follows 4 labors, who have been caught by police for a crime which is not committed by them. To confess, the cops beat them mercilessly.

Super Deluxe

IDMB : 8.4/10

Super Deluxe, released in 2019, is one of the widely appreciated and unique film by Thiagarajan Kumararaja which folds four stories together. This movie by Kumararaja was made after 8 years of his precious work and was very well appreciated by critics and viewers alike. These four stories see their characters go through difficult times in life as they think about their faith, love, acceptance and their values.

The first story is about a couple named Vaembu, Mugil, and Berlin, a corrupt police officer. It investigates the story of a failed marriage with a murder twist.

The second story is about a transgender person named Shilpa, who is married and has a son Raskutty. The story reveals that how our society deals with a transgender person and society’s behavior towards them.

The third story is all about four friends who get trapped in a whole new world.

The fourth story is about Leela and her survival.

All the four stories are revealing us the darker side of characters.

The fact that the film does not impose any judgments on the characters is much more appreciated in addition to the very powerful performances by the actors. This is the director’s second movie and has already created waves in the Tamil film industry. Without a doubt, Super Deluxe is one of the finest Tamil movies of recent times.

Sillu Karupatti

IMDB : 8.2/10

Sillu Karupatti, released in 2019 and is directed by Halitha Shameen. The movie comprises of 4 stories; Pink Bag, kaaka Kadi, Turtles, and Hey Ammu. All the stories have same theme of love and emotions shared by people of different ages. The expression of love in each story between different people is what “Sillu Karupatti” is all about. All stories are linked to each story with a common theme “Love”.

Not the best but definitely a must-watch Netflix Tamil Movie which is full of emotions and will leave you blushing.


IMDB : 7.7/10

Mersal, released in 2017, is an action thriller movie featuring Tamil star Vijay, Samantha, Kajal Aggrawal, and Nithya Menen. Mersal follows story of two brothers avenging the brutal murder of their parents. Vijay plays the role of twin brothers, where one is magician, and other is doctor.

Director Atlee kumar’s search for a fresh and different script without any adaptation goes with Mersal too. However, what makes Atlee’s movie so interesting is his way of presenting it to the audience. The scenes and dialogues about the current condition of the state (TN) and the country are highly praiseworthy.

While the storyline had nothing new to offer us, Atlee worked hard on the screenplay with Vijayendra Prasad and did well with a top-notch technical team.Overall, by being an inspiring and off-the-record adapted movie, Atlee has been able to bring out the worthy commercial entertainer with a social message. Although it has some logical issues, Mersal is definitely a praiseworthy film.


IMDB : 7.1/10

Solo, released in 2017, is the most interesting, yet confusing film in our list of Best Netflix Tamil Movies.

Director Bejoy Nambiar’s, ‘Solo’ is story of four segments with the South Indian heartthrob Dulquer Salman playing four different characters.

The movie has an exciting plot structure based on the four elements of nature — Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water, each story resembles with different manifestations of Lord Shiva, the Indian god of destruction. Each section is introduced with a short graphic of Shiva and a poem linked to one of the four elements. The movie, which was produced in Tamil and Malayalam at the same time and intended to cash on Dulquer Salman’s immense fan following as an angry young man, however, received with a mixed reaction when it was released.

K. D. Engira Karuppudurai

IMDB : 8.6/10

K. D. Engira Karuppudurai, released in 2019, is an interesting film with amazing story between a young boy Kutty (Nagavishal) and Karuppudurai (Mu Ramaswamy), an old man who escaped from his house. The way in which the relationship fluorish between them through their amazing performances makes us enjoy their world.

The movie narration is emotional but still it has a touch of comedy. Director Madhumitha’s impressive management of characters along with the harmonious music throughout the movie makes K. D. a unique experience.

Power Paandi

IMDB : 7.6/10

Power Paandi, released in 2017, is the directorial debut film of actor Dhanush. The story revolves around a retired ex-stunt master who had previously worked in the film industry. After retirement, it is difficult for him to sit idle at home, so he tries to keep himself busy by working part-time as a gym instructor.But nothing comforts him, so he decided to take a trip to Hyderabad with his old bullet where he met a bikers-gang and told them about his first love story.

Power Paandi tells a beautiful story that is heartwarming and enjoyable to watch.

If you are looking for a good Netflix Tamil Movie to watch, definitely you can stream ‘Power Paandi’ on Netflix.

Merku Thodarchi Malai

IMDB : 8.6/10

Merku Thodarchi Malai, released in 2018, is Directed by Lenin Bharathi and produced by Vijay Sethupathi.  The story follows Rangasamy (Antony) a daily wager who earns money by carrying sacks of cardamom from the mountains to the foothills of Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu.  He dreams to own a piece of land and live off farming but get disappointed by many rejections and dispute with the estate owner.

The title of the movie that translates to “Western Ghats” is a story that illustrates the sad reality of landless laborers. The special point to note about the film is the fact that most of the actors belong to the villages where the film is based. Moreover, the director himself hails from one of those villages. In an interview with The Wire, Lenin shared that his mother was a laborer on an estate, and his father was a member of the Communist movement.

Sarvam Thaala Mayam

IMDB : 7.6/10

Sarvam Thaala Mayam, released in 2019, Starring G. V. Prakash Kumar and Nedumudi Venu in the lead roles, the supporting cast in movie are Vineeth, Kumaravel and Aparna Balamurali. The movie is written and directed by renowned cinematographer Rajiv Menona and it was also released as ‘Madras Beats’ in few countries. The movie has a rich music composition and A. R. Rahman adds a touch of excellence into it.

Sarvam Thaala Mayam is the musical flick that follows the chain of events unfolds when the worlds of a renowned Mridangam (musical instrument) maestro Vembu Iyer (Nedumudi Venu), an expert Mridangam maker Johnson (Kumaravel) and his son Peter Johnson (G. V. Prakash Kumar), collide together. Peter is a big fan of the Tamil industry superstar, Vijay, and is also an aspiring mridangam player.

The movie has a simple story, and it has garnered positive response for its rhythm and subtle portrayal of the regressive caste system still prevailing in the society.

Game Over

IMDB : 7.1/10

Game Over, released in 2017, is a dazzling psychological thriller film. The movie is multilingual and extremely concept-oriented, loaded with a thrill at every scene.

The story follows only two characters Swapna, played by Taapsee Pannu and her caretaker. Swapna is a video game designer/tester with a dark dreadful past that has put her into a wheelchair. She is afraid of darkness, and gets a panic attack.

The use of video game as a well-layered theme is brilliant. Game Over qualifies in our list of Best Netflix Tamil Movies and is worth your while. It is always gladdening to see good content being produced by the Indian film industry which can firmly hold its own.


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