Top 6 Best Bike Gadgets On Amazon

Top 6 Best Bike Gadgets On Amazon

To look at your bike more cool and comfortable, here are the gadgets that you can purchase and install it on your bike.

1. RideOn Mobile Charger

RideOn Mobile Charger

RideOn mobile charger is one of the coolest gadgets you can install on your bike which also helps you to keep your mobile battery charged while riding.

The gadget needs to be installed on your bike’s handle and the main source of electricity is your bike’s battery.

You just have to connect your mobile phone through USB Cable and the gadget will start charging your mobile phone.

2. Haize


Normally when you drive a car, you keep your mobile phone in front of you but while riding a bike or a cycle it is mostly impossible.

Haize is the coolest GPS navigation device that you can install on your bike’s handle and you just have to connect your mobile phone with the device and feed your destination.

By using the compass method, the device will give you the direction and the LED indicator will help you navigate.

3. X1 Cross Helmet

X1 Cross Helmet

X1 Cross Helmet is one of the smart and features loaded helmet. The visor on helmet contains a display, sound control options, rearview camera, safety lights, touch panel and connectivity options to connect your helmet with your mobile phone.

The rear camera helps you to know what is exactly going on behind your bike and to identify the blind spots. It can also prevent you from many road accidents.

The helmet also has some more fantastic features like you can play songs and pick up the calls just by connecting your mobile phone.

4. Grip-Lock

Grip Lock

Grip lock is the gadget that prevents your bike from being stolen. The gadget locks you clutch the lever of your bike.

The use of this gadget is easy as well, you just have to adjust this gadget on your bike’s clutch and fit accordingly. To take of this gadget from your bike you just have to unlock the gadget with key and press the button on the gadget.

5. Fingerprint Bike Starter

Fingerprint Bike Starter

The traditional method to start a bike can be easily changed by this unique gadget which is better and futuristic.

The gadget is installed on your bike’s lock and you just have to scan your finger on the gadget and the bike will start immediately without any key.

6. Helite AirBag

Helite AirBag

Helite Airbag is the gadget for all the bike riders, the gadget is most essential while riding a bike.

The special feature of this gadget is that when you met an accident or you fall off from a bike, this gadget will automatically get activated and become fluffy & spongy, which prevents you from a major injury, accidents and may also save the life of a rider.

The use of this gadget is easy as well, you just have to wear this airbag and attach the rope of airbag with the bike.

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