Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India in 2020

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India in 2020

So you are looking for “which job is best in India and to have a career that rewards better”. In this article we will check out the answer for your question- which job is best in India?

Students in India as well as across the world are very much interested in knowing details about high paying jobs. A high paying job not only provides you a sense of financial security, it will also help you to have a good lifestyle, enjoy good social status, and additional perks and benefits.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in India updated in 2020. It will help you decide the direction you want to go in next.

1. Medical Professional

Indian parents have desire to get their children into the medical profession for generations. However, you know the reason very well. Considering India’s vast population, the ratio of available doctors to patients is really low in India. Hence, the demand for Practitioners of medicine is only going to increase as the need for health care keeps increasing, making it one of the best jobs in India.

  • Entry level: 10 lakh/annum*
  • Mid level: 24 lakh/annum*

Educational qualification required:

You need to complete Bachelor of Medicine or Surgery (MBBS, BMBS). Further you can have a MD in Medicine or any other branch of specialization.

2. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants are another evergreen class of professionals. They work in every industry and provide financial expertise for managing money well. CAs provide services like accountancy, tax, and audit services to clients. They also explain you things like the GST reform, any change in taxation policies, or salary related issues.

  • Entry Level: 7 lakhs/annum*
  • Mid Level: 15 lakhs/annum*

Educational qualification required:

Apart from clearing three levels of exams, you also need to undergo 3 years articleship/ training under a practicing CA to earn the CA final certification.

3. Data Scientist

While there are a numerous career options, data science is a relatively new and buzzing option offering well-paid packages. Firstly, a data scientist helps manage and organize a big amount of data that an organization collects to create consumer-centric solutions and secondly, drive business decisions that improve profits and customer relationships.

  • Entry Level: 5-7 lakh/annum*
  • Mid Level:12-15 lakh/annum*
  • Senior Level: 21-25 lakh/annum*

Educational qualification required:

  • Engineers – BE / BTech (without coding experience)
  • Graduates(no programming knowledge)

4. Civil Services

The civil services exams are known as the oldest as well as the toughest tests ever in the Indian history. The exams which were started by the British to inculcate an administrative class in the country.  Even today, it is the only gateway to enter into the administrative class and is extremely prestigious. In addition, the 7th Pay Commission has made it financially lucrative and there is no way to resist the temptation of choosing such a career.

  • Entry Level:6-7 lakh/annum*
  • Mid Level: 10-12 lakh/annum*

Educational qualification required:

  • UPSC exam after graduation
  • Certification in civil services

5. Management Consultant

Management consultancies are employed by companies or institutions to help companies solve problems, improve performance, and maximize growth. Consultancies also do a lot of research, for which they look at diverse skills. Therefore, skills like interpersonal and communication skills, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of business, finance, economics, mathematics are required.

  • Entry Level:8-10 lakh/annum*
  • Mid Level: 15-20 lakh/annum*

Educational qualification required:

A Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, economics, the management or related areas is necessary for most institutions. Further, you can couple these degrees with relevant work experience or in-depth knowledge of a specific field to strengthen your CV.

6. Investment Banker

Investment banker is one of the highest paying jobs worldwide. An investment banker works with financial organisations to raise capital through equity financing or debt management.

Moreover, it has been observed that big recruiters like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase etc hire Graduates having Degrees like- MBA, Statistics, Economics, Engineering etc.

  • Entry Level: 9 lakhs/annum*
  • Mid Level: 16 lakhs/annum*
  • Senior Level: 25 lakhs/annum*

Educational qualification required:

  • Bachelors degree in finance, business administration, economics, math’s or related field
  • Further you can do masters in an area of specialization

7. Machine Learning Expert

If you are looking for which job is best in India, then this job would be perfect for you. Machine Learning Experts helps brands to take more data driven business decisions to reduce business risks. Therefore, Machine Learning Professionals have proved to be valuable assets to companies and their demand keeps rising every year.

  • Entry Level: 5-7 lakhs/annum*
  • Mid Level: 15 lakhs/annum*
  • Senior Level: 22lakhs/annum*

Educational qualification required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence, computer science, or a related field
  • Further Machine Learning Specialization through certification courses

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8. Full Stack Developers

Full stack developers are responsible for creating both the front end and the back end of a website/software i.e. they are web developer as well as have a fair understanding of database systems. As web developers, they build the website, write the code for it as well as work with the website’s appearance, HTML CSS, and align it with the client’s business, industry, and target audience.

  • Entry Level: 5-6 lakhs/annum**
  • Mid Level: 8-10 lakhs/annum**
  • Senior Level: 10-12 lakhs/annum**

Educational qualification required:

  • Engineers – BE / BTech (without coding experience)
  • Proficiency with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

9. Legal Professional

Legal Professional is one of the best job in India. Choosing Law as a profession will not only help you earn a heavy salary but also contribute towards the society for the job well done. There will always be a demand for Legal Professional, irrespective of the state of the economy. Moreover, there are a numerous of fields in Law like criminal, litigation, corporate, etc. But there is always a demand for Corporate Lawyers; hence it leads to better packages.

  • Entry Level: 5-6 lakhs/annum**
  • Mid Level: 9-10 lakhs/annum**
  • Senior Level: 10-12 lakhs/annum**

Educational qualification required:

  • BA LLB degree
  • Further you can do masters in an area of specialization (MA LLB)

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10. Commercial Pilot:

The job of commercial pilot is one of the most glamorous and moreover highest paying professions worldwide. But the job can be tiring and you might need to be in the air for a long time. Also, to get a commercial pilot license you need a lot of money.

As compared to other professionals, commercial pilots are less, in number. So, the field is less saturated and opportunity to get a job is high.

  • Entry Level: 12-15 lakhs/annum**
  • Mid Level: 15-20 lakhs/annum**
  • Senior Level: 20-25 lakhs/annum**

Educational qualification required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in aviation, aircraft operations, aeronautical engineering, or a related field
  • Further you need experience of 1,500 total flight hours, including 40 hours of instrument flying

So, there you have the answer for your question- which job is best in India? However, the list of the highest-paying jobs is pretty diverse. Therefore, the opportunity for good, high-paying work exists in every sector.

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